Monday, May 01, 2006

4/31/06 Bike Fitting - I'm not only fat, have a terrible cadence, but my pedal efficiency sux too. SWEET!

Met a another USAC coach while doing my New Leaf test over in Mobile, AL. David seems to be a great guy and very knowledgeable when it comes to bio mechanics and training with power. We had lunch after my test a couple of weeks ago and plan on helping each other and pool our resources together. After all, we are like the only certified USAC coaches from Texas to Tallahassee, Birmingham to Atlanta. So, a little help is always welcomed.

Made some great changes to the bike. I was shocked to see my SpinScan results as I pedaled away during warm up. It was in the 50s as I would only be producing power on the down stroke with each leg. I tried to convince David that I was such a strong cyclist, that I didn't need to be producing power all the time when I pedaled. Don't think he bought it. I have a ride on Tuesday, so I will get to feel the results of the fit. One major thing we found was that I was at 0 degrees at 6 o'clock - not good. Could explain a lot of things. I don't think i got shorter legs since my last fit 3 years ago...but who knows. It was nice to see that after the fit I was just spinning along at a cadence of 80 without even thinking about it. Good stuff!

Got my first taste on a CompuTrainer and really understand why Mike (my coach) was pushing me to get one. The SpinScan alone will be a huge training tool. Now, if I can just rig that thing up where I can take it on my road rides :)

The good thing about finding out more bad info about skills is that it gives you a benchmark and plenty of room to improve. All that turns into focus and good motivation. So, with that, I say Bring It!


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