Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weight is down and my Vo2 sux - so they say...

Now back to posting as it seems my issues with getting to my blog are resolved... Sorry for the absence.

So, last Friday I went for my Vo2 Max test using a New Leaf machine so that I could get a metobolic assesment along with my Vo2 max data. I had to drive to Mobile, AL (1 hour away). The hospital there is the only facility that does this test in about a 200 mile radius of Pensacola. Imagine that.

By the way - the hot chic on the bike in the pic is not me :)

In short, the test analyzes the volume of oxygen consumed (VO2) and the volume of carbon dioxide produced (VCO2). This data is gathered along with heart rate readings and along with your Vo2 max data, you can know exactly where your 'fat burning' zones are. So, basically, the testing tells me what percentage of energy expended at HR of 'X' is coming from fat and what percentage is coming from carbs. It is pretty cool to see the relationship of my heart rate numbers and where the energy expended is pulling from charted out on paper.

My Vo2 max was 32.5 - which is on the low side of Poor. Now all I needed them to tell me was that I was fat and it would have been a great day :) However, I have lost 12 pounds since the test - and body weight directly impacts your Vo2.

What was even more interesting was the fact that they let me do the test on my bike and with my trainer. So....that means I captured a power file to also add to this data. It looks like Hallah (my 11 yr old) will be busy this weekend copying about 225 data points (13 columns of different measurements) so I can come back with my raw data file from my Ergomo Pro and add a 14th and 15th column with my true wattage and kilojoules.

So, let's see what we can do with this information now going forward. I will be back for another test in 5 more weeks and hopefully about 15 or 20 pounds lighter as well. Here is a copy of my power file from the test. We increased the workload manually - by shifting gears all while trying to maintain 75 RPMs through the entire test. While I pedaled the entire time - it was tough trying to nail one number on cadence and keep it there. But, man, this is the cleanest file I have captured and was thinking about framing it. Now, if my long ides would look this - at a steady HR of course :)


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