Monday, April 24, 2006

Week Ending 4/16/06 - The Dreaded Time Trail

Well, had a pretty uneventful week leading up to my first Time Trail. Stupid mistake of not talking with Mike before doing the TT - and I paid for it.

Note to TT Race Directors: You may want to consider having a kid weighing more than a buck 10 holding up us fat guys up on the ramp. Possibly 2 kids would help. I started from a standing position as I watched the other big boys in front of me almost fall off the ramp.

Nasty wind conditions going out and worse coming back. We had a bridge pretty early on in the course that crossed the bay. It was a nasty section since there was absolutely no blockage of the winds.

I think I did what most people do and just went out too hard. I avg'd 232 watts in the first 10 minutes and avg'd 174 watts for the rest of the 1:23 I was out there. I paid for going out too fast, too quick and was just waiting to get off the bike before I even hit the turn around. A sure sign of a bad day and poor execution.

As I went over the first climb of the the bridge, I had some stupid thought creep into my head that this was not a triathlon and I did not need to save my legs. So, I shifted down into my big ring and just mashed the rest of the ride - well, when I was pedaling, I was mashing. I spent 15 minutes (around 12% of the ride) not pedaling or producing any power. Not good!

I sat my HR right under or at my zone 3, so I was pushing good the whole time - just wasn't real effective. I dropped the cadence, speed, and torque out of my CyclingPeaks file so at least some information can be made out. My file looks like about 10 people having heart attacks the way all the lines are all over the place. So, hopefully it is a bit better with some of the info dropped out.

You can see around 33 minutes into the ride a nice power spike up to 324 watts and my HR spiking at 165. That is where I had some big dog after me :) Talk about adding some excitement to the race....

I learned a lot and made some real dumb judgements in my first Time Trial. It can only get better from here! Looking for another one to do in a few more weeks. I have a sub-goal added to the list now!


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