Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5.1.06 Bought my CompuTrainer today - oh and swam...

Talked with Chuck at RacerMate and got my CompuTrainer ordered. Will be here this coming Monday. Can't wait to get that thing hooked up and dialing in some issues. Another pretty cool part about getting the CT is that we (TrainingPeaks and CyclingPeaks) have some real cool software that comes with the CT - found here. So, just as an added benefit to having the Ergomo and learning about power and CyclingPeaks software, I will now have the opportunity to learn about our other products. So, that just makes it all good.

Back in the pool for an easy 1650. Felt stronger than I ever have for some reason. Guess the break did me some good. My massage therapist corrected a pain I was feeling on my pull in my elbow. Talked with her yesterday as I was getting my weekly massage and she showed me some stretches. Felt great swimming today!

Good to be back. On the bike tomorrow!


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