Friday, May 05, 2006

5.5.06 Can you get addicted to the numbers????

To catch up - Wednesday was an 1800 swim and a missed walk, argh! Nothing too exciting.

So, Thursday I had a run and easy zone 1/2 bike. I could tell I lost some fitness over the past couple of rough weeks I had. I was supposed to do 3 minute interval runs and only did 3 and not for the right duration. Got a note back to Mike about dropping then down and maybe increasing the intervals to get back to where I should be. But, got a good 1:10 of a walk little run in.

I took to the trainer last night and was just amazed at the difference in my cadence and how I felt on the bike. All during the ride I was thinking - "Man, I can't wait to see this file and check out the numbers." I was comfortably hitting in the 80s on my cadence and had no bounce. And, I was even pedaling the whole time. This was a bragging file to send to Hunter Allen as redemption is due from the earlier files of mine he has looked at with me.

I get in and upload from my Ergomo and don't know what happened, but I had a file from like Dec of 2000 on my computer and it was all chopped up. Wound up clearing my Ergomo and lost my ride from my bike fitting - where I also have a Computrainer file to compare the accuracy between the 2 devices. I am sure it is/was something I did or missed. But, man, I was disappointed that I didn't get to see my numbers. I was so looking forward to seeing my cadence chart and all the other goodies in Cycling Peaks. Oh well, just have to have a good ride in on Saturday and admire those numbers.

Made a little adjustment to my seat pitch and think I dropped the nose a tad too much - or I am still getting used to the new position. Good reason to get some time in on a position before changing things :) Overall feeling very good on the bike, just have to dial that seat pitch in just right.

So, I got a sneak peak at the new version of CyclingPeaks WKO+ Very cool stuff! I always have to remember to go back into my regular CP software for screen shots so I don't get i trouble for posting out of the unreleased software just yet ;) I was looking at a new feature - the Power Profile. Essentially it looks at a selected range of rides and builds a bar graph against 'other riders - example of what it is doing here. So I IM Gear and ask him if the Power Profile section is turned on in my beta copy? I asked because I put in a long date range, that has rides, and could not get any graphing. Now, I didn't expect to see the bar graph go up to Elite, Cat1, and all that stuff. But, I did expect to see something. Gear replies with, "Yes, it works just fie. Are your numbers good enough?" So, I change the setting to a female cyclist and bingo! I get an itty bitty little mark on my graph for one ride where I am equal to a very out of shape female rider. Man, i hated IMing Gear back to let him know it was working just fine. Son of a....

Like I don't have enough things to work on and a now shot ego :) Another check point added to the list. I hope to get a bar or two in the MENS section - even if it is compared to men that really suck. Jeesh. talk about the truth hurting :)

But, it is all good. Time to keep plugging away at it and making it happen. Computrainer arrives Monday! Excited about that!


Blogger Ken said...


I really love your blog. As a fellow addict to TrainingPeaks, CyclingPeaks, and playing with power files, I feel your pain!

I just ran across a new way to feed that addiction: the TreadPuter.

Seeing that, I figured I should work on designing the bike equivalent - the Bikeputer.

See the latest post in my blog about it. My Blog

Keep it up!
- Ken

May 05, 2006 10:07 AM  

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