Thursday, May 11, 2006

Catch up - Golf makes you drink...

Well, my dad fell Friday and had a pretty good fall. So, that meant my Saturday morning ride had to be ditched to go over and help take care of some yard work for the rents. Then, I was off to Destin for the day to meet with one of my coaching clients, his wife, and one of his new coaches coming on. Dave and I met at a couple of clinics last Nov. and Dec. and he is from Kentucky. So, he called me up and asked if I could swing over for a visit since they were only going to be an hour away. Had a great time and it is always good to see my clients.

Couldn't ride Sunday as I was in a golf tournament after church and wouldn't be home until dark-30. Good time just forgetting about everything , playing for a great cause, and hanging with my boys. The tournament was for 2 Coke employees whose children were dating one another and were killed in a car accident. I owned a grocery store in a previous lie and knew both families - one of which happened to be a good customer of my store. We knew a lot of the Coke employees and my roommate wound up working for Coke for several years before he and his family moved to Alabama. So, 2 old employees of mine, one of which was my best man in my wedding and my old roommate got together for the tournament and simply had a blast.

I am not ever much of a drinker, but there is something about golf that just drives you to drink. It couldn't have hurt my game... much :) All in all we had a great time and helped contribute to some scholarships this event was raising money for to the local college in the two kid's name. It was definitely worth it.

Been back on track good this week with some walks, 2 great swims (2500 yds in an hour - volume is coming up) and playing with my CompuTrainer.

Sorry for the delay in getting things posted. As always, we are hammered at work with some big releases and just staying very busy with new clients and taking care of our existing folks.

Today we run...ugggh. It is yucky and dreary outside - the day fits the excitement of the workout today :) But, it won't get any better if I don't keep drudging along.....


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