Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5/23/06 - Still Down and out...

So, it has been about 9 days and I put a pair of shoes on for the first time yesterday. Man, that did not feel good. The actual toe feels okay - it is the gash and the missing nail that is still pretty tender.

Pulled the rest of the nail off my toe Friday and forgot to medicate it after doing so. Got a little infection there and that just made things worse. Been putting some ointment on it the past couple of days and it is feeling better, but still a little red.

Thank God I have my John Deere to ride around the back 40. But, today, I may try and get back out there and edge. That should be interesting. I am really hoping to be back on the bike by Friday/Saturday and walking by then as well. I am good if I don't have any shoes on right now. So, I hope I can get the skin healed up good enough to start putting pressure back on the toe again.

Up 6.5 pounds during the lay off - not good. that is just total lack of effort on my part and being lazy. Gotta re-focus and move on. Less than 6 months away. Plenty of time, but it will be here fast!


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