Monday, May 15, 2006

Little toes aren't really important....'till ya break one of 'em

Friday night I was walking into my bedroom to turn on the TV, set the sleep timer, and hit the bed. I was attempting a David Blaine like stunt and was doing this with no lights on. The stunt went array as I approached the TV and forgot that I had recently re-located a sharp-edged sub-woofer in between my dresser and armoire. Do guys have armoires?

I took a full stride into the corner of the sub with my 2nd to smallest little pig. That little piggy ain't going anywhere for a while! Gashed my toe, broke it , and had the nail standing straight up. I did the man thing and just turned on the faucet in the tub and ran some water over it to clean it and then rubbed some 'tussin on it. Tussin is good for anything ya know.

Let's flash back to '02. After a tri, I was walking through a parking lot and was distracted by a mind-blowing set of boobs. Ahhh, I still remember them both! I took a full stride into a parking block wearing flip flops and broke 2 toes then.

Again, in '04, I was walking through my living room that was filled with boxes after just moving back to Picola. As though I was trying to kick a 50 yd, game winning field goal, I took yet another stride into a box of hardback computer books from grad school. Still not sure why I kept those things. Broke my little pig then too.

So, the other night I had the option of heading to the emergency room and waiting for probably 8 to 10 hours (no kidding, I did that last hurricane season when I laid open the back of my hand, enough to see the bone running from my middle knuckle half way up my wrist, as I took a full swing into the corner of a brick column trying to start the generator so we could have electricity. I don't think I will be manning the generator this season). Seeing that injury as being far worse, I didn't feel like sitting at the hospital all night and paying them 3 bills just to tell me to take some aspirin and tape it up. Tussin is much cheaper. Now, unless I got the smoking hot doc that stitched me up last year...

Needless, to say, not much working out. I did get the weed eating on the back 40 done. My entire body is sore from adjusting my weight. I guess that counts for something...

You know, my pigs have enough pressure on them, literally, with having the responsibility of carrying my fat ass around all day, every day. They don't need to be taken out of action. Re-working the schedule with Mike and moving forward. Still going to try and get a swim in tonight and just push off with one leg. Can't wait :)


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