Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6.12.06 Back on the bike and dusted off the Computrainer!

Well, I didn't get my extra walk for an hour in like I planned. But, I did get my step test done on the CompuTrainer. David at Gulf Coast Cycle Fit gave me some advice after our fit session about getting my bars up and out just a bit. I took him up on it and Robbie over at Bikes Plus was able to get me where David suggested.

Doing my first ride after bout a month or so off with the broken toe and that nasty infection, I was pretty stoked to get back on the bike and see how the new adjustments felt. I went down shortly after getting my new fit with David, and now with the newer changes, I wanted to see how it all pulled together.

Couldn't believe how comfy I was on the bike with the total package in place now. Great job by David and Robbie to pull this all together. I hope to see some great improvements as I get my fitness back.

Got a ride, weights, and that walk to get in tonight. Tivo'ing the game, so I should be able to hit the gym and skip the commercials when I get back :)

Hope Shaq shows up tonight to play!


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