Monday, June 12, 2006

6.12.06 It is good to be back!

Going out for a lunch time run and have some testing on the CompuTrainer tonight. I will have to dust that puppy off since I broke the toe and then got the staff infection right when it was delivered. But, I did manage to get it all set up and hooked to a scrap dedicated PC I built before I went down for the count.

Started working with our local group, Mere Mortals, where our tri club trains for 16 weeks with mostly newer triathletes in the area to prepare them for our local sprint race and help them grow in the sport. I am fortunate enough to get to write the training plans and work with the group at our training sessions each week out at Pensacola Beach. Getting up at 5am is a challenge on Sunday, but well worth it.

Hope to check back in tonight with 2 workout updates. Not able to hit the pool just yet. Still have some stuff running out of my noggin - so I don't think anyone would appreciate me getting in the pool with them just yet. May go see a surgeon this week to get this thing cleaned and packed. Hope to be in the pool next week!


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