Monday, June 26, 2006

6.25.06 Summary of the week - the path to Hell is paved with many good intentions...

You know, I was excited last week about getting a few workouts in and about being able to get back on the road since I could wear a helmet again. Really looked forward to this week. But, looking forward to the week does not cut it.

I got a well deserved and very nicely put ass chewing from Mike about over-extending myself with other priorities. To my fault, I have always had about 10 more irons in the fire than I should at any time and continue looking for more to throw in there. Volunteered to head up the presidency at our local tri club, which is above and beyond the duties I volunteered for last year to coach this year's training group for 16 weeks. I think that was the final straw with Mike :) I also work way too much - a fault of just simply enjoying what I do - coaching and my day job with TrainingPeaks. Donavon, our CEO, has talked to me about this a couple of times over the past 3 years as well. You think when your boss requests you to cut back a bit you would. So, I am making a very concentrated effort to manage my time better, take full care of my work, and also get my training back in the priority list where it should be. Having the 6 weeks off with the broken toe and the nasty staff infection has made it tough to get back into a rhythm.

Then, to top things off, a friend of mine from high school was in town, called, and we met up. Not meaning to close down the world famous McGuire’s Irish Pub - we thought we were 18 again and did just that Thursday night. It was a much needed break from life in general to throw something in the mix and get out on the town and do something - which I do not do - ever. Had a blast, but paid for it through the rest of the week from just being exhausted. Had a call with a coach first thing Friday morning and it felt like I shut my eyes and the alarm went off and there I was on the phone with the coach. I was worthless through the weekend! Regrets – none, I think the mental break was well needed. But, gotta keep that in check.

So, I think I am heading to Panama City Beach to stay a night and get Saturday's workout in on IM FL course. Looking forward to riding back over there again and maybe spark some memories form the '03 race.

I did manage to get a couple good bike workouts and runs in this week. But, being pretty much all healed - with the exception of being able to get back in the pool last week - I should have gotten a lot more in.

Doc released me to the pool for now. Will miss another week as I have to let a surgeon cut on the back of my head and clean some tissue out and sew it up. So, stitch time will force me back out for about a week coming up.

We will see how I do with my new concentrations. Now I have to add to my schedule an additional 21 days of the Tour de France viewing starting Saturday as well. Thank God for Tivo! Only about 19 or so weeks away - it is past Go Time!


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