Monday, June 26, 2006

6.26.06 Back in the pool finally!

Went down to swim with Grace this morning. Closer to home and a more flexible schedule where I can work around Hallah than where I was going with Steve out at the local Junior College.

Was able to pull out 1450 back in the pool and felt pretty good about it. I was definitely feeling it, but it was a good feeling!

Went to what was to be a yoga class at the gym, but the instructor is out for a month and they had a Pilate’s instructor taking over for that time. I was all about getting my core done with a group as I just suck doing it on my own with weights. So, I was staying.

I confirmed that I have the flexibility of a 2x4 - still. My hips were soooo tight. Hope after a few weeks of this that will improve. I can so see the benefit on the bike and running from the ball work. Best core workout I have had since I have been doing core.

Being the only guy in the class, one of the ladies came up to me afterwards and said she hoped I would come back on Wednesday night and there would be a couple of guys that come on Wednesdays. I simply told her I was here for the ladies and didn't care if another guy was there or not :) She just smiled. I think she knew that was a joke.

Tomorrow is weights and a ride. Going to get a good, extra walk in after weights. I tried to get one in today, but it was 8:30pm when I got off my Deere and finished up my yard work. And, I was tired. No trouble passing out and going to bed last night and slept like a baby!

In the words of Ice Cube - Today was a Good Day!


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