Wednesday, June 28, 2006

6.27.06 Coming together!

I only had a ride and a strength workout for today - and it included core. Since I did my core in my new class at the gym Monday, I did my strength workout and took an extra 30 minutes to hop up on the treadmill and turn the legs over for an extra workout.

It was so nice to not feel rushed going from strength to core. And, I feel like I got 10 times the core workout in with the class as opposed to doing it on my own. That makes the class so well worth it.

I did move my bike to Wednesday and that may force me to shuffle a 1:15 Zone 2 walk on Wednesday to Thursday. Since I am taking some time off from work and heading to Panama City to get some swim, bike and run course training in, I should have some extra time for everything.

Tomorrow I do have my morning swim, a 40 minute cadence specific drill ride, the walk and Pilate's. Don't see getting all that in with work, church, and edging the yard. Bumping my walk to Thursday should make for a hectic, but doable schedule.

Hallah is off spending the night at a friend’s house. So, that frees me up just a tad as well.

I got called today for a meeting to help put on a Tri and Time Trial here in the area. So, it looks like a lunch meeting is in order tomorrow as I head to PC Beach. Thankfully, we are meeting by the bay and it is right on the way anyway. I hope they aren't wanting to do this anytime soon. Certainly don't have the time to add this to my plate right now. But, I will go and see what they are looking for.

Felt great today and felt like I am back on track. A shuffle of a workout or 2 doesn't bother me. It happens and is almost expected. So it is all good.

Oh, and I just realized what I am passing everyday as I head to and leave Masters swimming. I refer to it as Mecca and sometimes Heaven. The challenge continues!


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