Wednesday, June 28, 2006

6.28.06 - 40 lbs down and kicking some #$*

First off, I have to start with the topic of the lady in my Pilate's class tonight. Strategically positioned directly in front of me and wearing what appeared to be stripper shorts - the only thing she was missing was the clear heals. Now, to set the record straight - I could only imagine that strippers would wear shorts like these and have heard that they are partial to clear heals. I have no personal, first hand knowledge of this. And, I have no SO, so I am allowed to look and even gaze :)

However, Pilate's was way more fun tonight than it was on Monday night. I shant be missing a class and will pray each night that she wears those exact shorts to class. Oh, and the workout was great too!

Got up this morning and hit the pool for a good Master's workout. I squeezed out 1450 again with little to no effort. Concentrated on a lot of kicking drills today with long sets. Form is feeling better and it was great to feel my back muscles and lats involved in the mix.

Had a 40 minute cadence workout today. 10' warm-up 20' @ 105+ RPMs with a 10' cool down. Once I settled in on the warm up, I set the calibration on the CompuTrainer and started my cadence work. As I kicked up the cadence, and I could feel the fat on my back bouncing, I figured that was a good place to back off and settle in - or at least try to. Still don’t have a smooth cadence but was staying higher than I ever have. And, most of this workout was done in aero - which would not have ever happened before my fitting right before my injury and illness. Still amazed at the difference a few tweaks here and there make. Was nice to see the majority of my distribution was in the 90s to the 109s. Even during my cool down my natural selected cadence was 85-90, which is a huge improvement. I did take 2 breaks to shift things on the saddle during the 20'spin, so I laid in a couple extra minutes for coach to make up for that. Plus, I forgot to tighten my trainer and had to get off during warm-up to fix that before I went down again.

Power file is looking much better! The blue is where I highlighted my 20 min session in Cycling Peak's WKO+.

Heart rate held up great here and I didn't feel like I was dying. I pulled up a report in my TrainingPeaks account to flag the past workouts I had done like this and found one, with HR data from March. 100% of my time was spent in zone 1. This time it was much better distributed.
Another great day of training. I did move my walk to tomorrow and will get an extra spin in as I am heading to the IMFL course in Panama City Beach in the morning for a couple of days. Will be my first ride back on the rode as I can actually get a helmet on my noodle again - finally! Looking forward to some ocean swims and runs and rides on the course.

In closing, all I can say is 'Man, Pilate's class rocked tonight!"


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